About- Lianne Coates Sales Trainer and Sales Coach

Lianne Coates is a popular sales trainer and successful sales person. She has a consultative style and is excellent at the art of building sales relationships.

Lianne is always happy to help you, if you have any sales related questions then ring 07886088980

The Magnetic Selling system has helped many businesses transform their sales processes to get better results.

Anise specialise in working with people who are not ‘career salespeople’ and want to sell with a soft approach. All our sales techniques are focused on selling in the way that we like to be sold to.

Through The Magnetic Selling System, we have helped a wide range of professionals find techniques that work for them.

If you want to focus your efforts to get the best results Lianne’s experience and pragmatic approach means that she can quickly understand your business and prioritise the right course of action.

Lianne has worked with many businesses of different sizes but it always happy to let you try out our services for yourself. Whether it’s a starter programme for outsourced selling or a sample of our bespoke sales e-learning we are always happy to demonstrate how we can help.

“Lianne has been great at helping me grow my business”