Back to basics, refreshing your sales team

Would your sales team benefit from refreshing their sales skills? It is all too easy to keep doing what you have always done instead of constantly innovating and evolving your sales processes.

Our exciting new game takes your team back to the basics of selling. Our game, Johnny Flash’s Secret Deal, is set in the 1980’s when there were no computers and very few CRM software systems. Those of you who sold at this time will remember we all used card index boxes to keep and manage customer records. Of course, the same principals apply today with our state of the art online CRM the same best practice applies.

Taking time out to think about the different sales techniques gives your team the chance to reflect on good practice.

Successful teams work together well, supporting, innovating, and helping each other. Working together to beat the clock and other teams creates a great camaraderie between team members that extends into the working week.

Often sales people are wrapped up in their own world, often spending lots of time travelling on their own. If you are looking to integrate an existing team, a new team or new team members, sales escapades can help everyone to get to know each other.

The training covers key topics including:

  • Consultative Selling
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Questions
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Target Setting
  • Business Cases

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The events work well in an evening combined with networking, prize giving, and supper. In a very short amount of time, your team are refreshed and eager to get selling, expect to see a resulting improvement in your sales results.

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Sales Escapades – sales team building and training

Team building is a luxury that many companies are reluctant to invest in due to the many financial pressures they face and the unclear impact on results. Anise Development delivers Sales Escapades, team building specifically for sales teams or other teams that want to benefit from an awareness of sales. Whereas it is still not going to be easy measuring the impact, a renewed focus on sales is always going to have a positive effect. Sales Escapades create energy, enthusiasm and a shared camaraderie towards a common sales goal that lasts beyond the classroom.

This mixes the traditional staff bonding with a real experiential awareness of sales and a deeper understanding.

Sales Escapades combined with traditional sales training is a powerful method of embedding learning. During the training, knowing that they are going to be involved in a game with a competitive element, participants are keen to absorb as much knowledge as possible that will give them an edge.  Playing games is a great way of putting the new skills learnt to the test and creating strong memories.

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Sales for Accountants

Accountancy is one of those professions that you enter because you like maths, analysis, and problem-solving. You don’t usually associate a career in accountancy with being a sales person. However, like many other professions being a sales person is a big part of the accountancy role, particularly if you are ambitious and keen to progress to a senior role.

Accountants need to attract and generate new clients, be able to sell them the benefits of working with their practice and be able to communicate the value of the many services on offer. This, however, needs to be natural and suit the personality of the accountant or it will just appear false and ‘salesy’.  Like all sales people, accountants have to develop their own processes and style that suits them, their business, and their customers.

Accountancy practices need to consider the five key areas of sales:

  1. Communicating value – explaining, throughout the process, how we add value to our customers.
  2. Generating – getting prospects attention and engaging with them.
  3. Diagnosing – finding out a prospects exact needs and what their drivers to appointing our accountancy practice are.
  4. Visioning – understanding prospects business goals and portraying how we can help them achieve them.
  5. Consolidating – managing relationships well, following up, keeping in touch and generally adding value to your prospects and customers.

Prospects when looking for accountants appreciate a commercially astute business-focused practice. They want someone who behaves like them because they will understand them and their challenges better. Clients welcome accountants who are proactive and prepared to work hard to win their business.  They want an accountant who is out in the real world, battling alongside them rather than picturing someone sat in a dusty office number crunching all the time.

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Sales training is a great way to learn new stuff, develop skills and knowledge. An Anise Development Sales Training Workshop will leave delegates with lots of ideas to work on developing their own systems and processes. They then need to go into the business and implement the improvements, the sooner this is achieved the quicker companies start to benefit from the newly acquired abilities.

Bu combining coaching with the sales training businesses can implement the changes quicker. The first sets of goals are set within the training workshop so the change process is kick started. Knowing there will be a follow up coaching session means there is an added impetus to make changes. Setting goals and following up focuses activity and makes delegates accountable to the sales coach.

Using the training structure, coaching focuses on putting the new skills and knowledge to work. Using the popular GROW model to focus on the key areas that are most important to the coachee. During coaching by looking at the reality of your current situation, you can devise action plans that are realistic and achievable.

If you want to make changes to your sales performance then pick either training or coaching.  If you want to fast forward your progress then combining both will make your goals achievable sooner.

Training for skills and knowledge – Coaching to speed up implementation and build competency.

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Common sense sales training

Barriers to selling – sales for non-traditional sales people

I work with many people in businesses where their managers have decided they wanted them to sell proactively as a key part of their role. This can even include cold calling prospects, a practice many technical people feel is beneath their expertise. From the outset of programmes, delegates often express discontent at their new responsibilities for generating sales.

Here are three common problems these professionals face and how I help overcome them:

1.     Many professionals have negative perceptions of the sales role. They do not want to identify as a ‘pushy’ sales person.

Firstly, I introduce a different, intelligent side to selling, using methods that use analytical and questioning skills. Secondly, I let them vent their frustration about traditional selling methods.  We share ideas and explore how they would appreciate other people selling to them.

2.     Technical professionals have a tendency to give away too much information, in effect giving the prospect free consultancy. They can sometimes bore the customer with technical details they do not need.

Using my interactive ‘Communicating Value’ process, I move them to focusing on customer needs. I introduce methods for understanding requirements and tools for selling benefits and value.

3.     Negative influences from managers and peers, applying pressure to conform to their styles.

I gave them the permission and confidence to be natural and use their personalities. Together we developed processes and approaches that suited their own personal styles.

Overall I help them set goals and targets and give them feedback and encouragement.

The result is that delegates redefine what being a sales person means to them. They feel empowered to make sales, without the negative feelings that only lead to cycles of despondency.

Anise Development programs are highly successful and lead to a significant increase in sales. It is interesting that often people perceived to be the least likely sales people have some of the greatest successes.

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