Telephone sales coaching – Yorkshire

If you would like coaching from someone who successfully cold calls on a regular basis, Anise Development can help. Lianne has used telephone selling throughout her career equipping her well to coach people through the challenges of this demanding process. Lianne will help you develop a style, process and approach that works for you, your business and your customers.

If you would like to find out more about telephone sales coaching please contact Lianne 07886088980 

Coaching across Yorkshire and beyond from our base in Bingley including – Leeds, Harrogate, Bingley, Otley, Skipton, Bradford, Halifax or Sheffield.

We combine face to face coaching with remote online coaching on a regular basis.

Coaching can be combined with a training workshop. Training provides delegates with the skills and knowledge they need and the coaching helps them quickly build their competency.

Lianne specialises in Telephone Sales Coaching. Coaching specifically helps individuals who want to improve their performance in this key area by ensuring they feel comfortable with the style and approach. Anise can help you and your team address any barriers you have to calling potential targeted customers. Lianne can help you formulate an effective strategy, performance targets and goals.

Contact Lianne to find out how coaching can help you improve your telephone sales performance – (click to connect).