Telephone Sales from Yorkshire

Telephone sales training

Practical sales training, relationship based processes for businesses across Yorkshire and beyond including- Bradford, Bingley, Harrogate, Otley, Halifax, Leeds and Skipton.

We work with people who may lack confidence and even be resistant to telemarketing. We help them gain confidence through understanding that true ‘rejection’ is minimal with the right approaches.

To find out more about our highly individual training call Lianne 07886088980 (click to call)

Telephone Sales Training Process Map

  • Your team will feel comfortable with Lianne’s techniques that get results.
  • We show you how to approach prospects in a way that they welcome.
  • Our communicating value process helps sales people understand what is important to the customer. This leads to developing stories tailored to your customer’s common challenges.
  • Our highly engaging training is very interactive, with opportunities to try out the new skills.
  • Our workshops show sales people how to work with the gatekeeper so that getting a call through is a relaxed, natural process.
  • If you have specific requirements, we can develop bespoke training to fit . We work with your best sales people and blend this with our processes to build highly effective programs.
  • Lianne has developed her knowledge over many years in different sales roles and by learning through her training delivery.
  • Lianne has a great deal of credibility, from her common sense approaches and because she maintains her own telephone sales campaigns.